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8 Apr, 2024

My name is Vivian Heibes. I’m a mom of 3 beautiful children, a wife, and an entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia. I come from a family of 4: my parents, my sister, and myself, of course.
I’m a BA Hons degree holder in clinical psychology, completed in Cape Town, South Africa 2015.

I’m a self-taught nail technician & beautician, since 2014, of which I started my nail business as a side business to earn extra money while studying. My mother bought me my first nail kit. I enjoyed getting my nails done as a girl during major school holidays, so how fun would it be if I got my kit?

Varsity life is expensive. At the time, my younger sister and I were living together as she attended high school. My mother was a nurse, and my dad was a clerk. With both, it was still difficult to get by after paying rent and school fees. 

Nevertheless, that’s how my nail business was born; I saw it as an opportunity to grow “independence” & explore with my newfound skill. I remember teaching my sister how to do nails as well; we then became a team and wentppointments; we laugh about those days sometimes, I never would have thought of ever doing anything like that, out for group a but we did. My interest in nails strengthened, and my interpersonal skills/relationships developed. Interacting with clients from all ethnicities & backgrounds allowed me to explore the complexities of the human brain & challenges we face in our daily lives as women.

I can’t lie. Not all days were rainbows & sunshine; some days were tougher than others. But being an Aries girl, I’ve always remained optimistic and believed those days were temporary.

I’ve always been a tech girl, why I didn’t do IT, I don’t know. When I was younger, I had a desktop computer; I explored it to the core. Every application it had installed, I explored it, so with that came my love for the socials began. I believe I never let go of the internet when Google was launched. I remember when Mtc had the happy hour from midnight to 6 am, I would stay up till late, knowing I had to rest for school the next day.
Fast-forward: I continued to pursue my little business, but this time I decided to advertise it online, on the local classifieds, ase mostly on those. Seeing it free, why not? It then became our way of survival for my sister and me many people wer during our educational careers.

In 2015, I completed my studies, returned home to Windhoek, and applied for jobs in my respective field of study but had yet to succeed. Either way, I applied for different jobs aside from my field of qualification. I was once a sales rep & receptionist, insurance sales agent, etc. I didn’t enjoy any of those, even though I was trying to earn a living. I remained home and retried the nail business again but procrastinated a lot; I believe that was because I was comfortable and trusted my mom to take care of things, meaning I became dependent again, and all the independence I learnt was ignored. At a later stage, I became uncomfortable with having to depend again. My husband and boyfriend encouraged me to continue pursuing the nail business.

As time passed, I remained focused on the nail business and moved out of the family home into a two-bedroom flat. I didn’t have a station to work from, and I didn’t have much money to buy inventory, including my working table. My first official table was made from rubble from a junkyard, which I got welded at a garage; it was a bit unstable, but it worked. I stationed it in the corner of our apartment. Not pondering on my circumstances is what has gotten me far in life & with God’s grace.

With immense encouragement from clientele and family, I always think bigger.



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