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10 Aug, 2022

I am no fashionista. 

And sometimes I have no sense of style even. I am the girl who wears takkies to work and very often throws on a beanie too, you know, to disguise a bad hair day. 

Lately I have been attending lots of events and parties and find that I struggle to put outfits together. So I did a little bit of research to find out what I need to have in my cupboard to ensure I am not sent in a million different directions everytime I accept an invitation. 

  1. A clutch bag: you need one for day time and one for night time. It could essentially be the same bag.  Who wants to carry around your daytime handbag to a function? 
  2. A pair of beautiful heels: a classic heel in black or a bright color is always a good to have. 
  3. A hat or beautiful headband: headbands are making a great comeback. Some have beads, pearls or are made from lace and they are just so pretty. A hat can be just what your outfit needs to pull it together. 
  4. A flower crown: I bought one for my daughter about 3 years ago and only needed it myself this past weekend. 
  5. Classic sunglasses: the image shows what my idea of classic sunglasses is. I always gravitate towards the same things over and over and sometimes even the same colors.  
  6. Obviously, a few classic dresses in various colors that you can add jackets to, to change it up a little. I often add a coat, or a denim jacket depending on the event, a blazer or even a shawl. You can totally transform a classic dress to look different every time through the accessories you wear with it and what you pair it with. 

You can never go wrong with a black dress, one short and one long, a bold color dress, a flowery dress and one with some tulle or so on. 

What is your one classic accessory to wear when you go somewhere? 


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