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24 May, 2021

A Brazilian Reasons to get Waxed

Whether it’s the time of the year where we ditch our boots for sandals, our jerseys for sleeveless tops and pants for a cute dress, or we just want to keep up our monthly maintenance, here are some reasons why you need to ditch your razor for an appointment with a waxing professional!

Benefits of Waxing

  • It saves time 

Shaving removes only the visible part of the hair, resulting in you needing to shave every week, and maybe twice a week for some.  With waxing the hair is removed from the follicle, keeping your skin smoother for longer!

  • It’s better for your skin

Because waxing is done less frequently, it is less irritating on your skin, and leaves no cuts and darkened skin.  Waxing also acts as an exfoliator since it removes dead cells from the skin surface.  If done professionally, the correct pre- and post-treatment care is usually given to your skin.  And best of all, you will have fewer ingrown hairs!

  • Weakens/reduces hair growth

Any frequent waxer will testify that their hair growth has changed from dark and stubborn to nonexistent.  Waxing weakens the hair follicle and its ability to produce hair causing the hair to become lighter, thinner or for a lucky group, hair even completely stops growing.

  • Reaches all areas

Because not all of us can reach all areas we need to remove hair, waxing is a great solution.  Your waxing professional will be able to safely remove all those pesky hairs in every nook and cranny.

After Wax Home Care

Never leave the waxing parlour, salon or Spa without professional products to treat your waxed skin at home.   Scroll to see some of my favourites!

Dermalac Lotion from Environ

This AHA cocktail not only removes dead skin cells daily, but also contains lactic acid, which is super hydrating to your skin.  It retails in 200ml for N$325.

Spot Treatment from Vitaderm

This is great after facial waxing and for normal breakouts, thanks to the salicylic acid it contains. It retails in 20ml at N$320.

Get a Good Loofah from your favourite retail store, and use it to exfoliate your skin at least 3 times a week to minimise your chances of ingrown hair.

Remember – the only way out is through!  Waxing is more painful than shaving, but it is well worth it when your skin is smooth to the touch!


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