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13 Sep, 2021

This should have been my very first post. 

In the words of Bart Cummings and as experienced by most of us, “in hindsight, everything is much clearer”. So here we are writing a post on what wellness is. 

Understanding terms and being clear on what they mean is critical to our use of a word or term. This is true in all areas of our lives, and especially in our relationships and conversations. How many times have we missed each other completely, simply because we understood words differently? I had many of these moments in my office over the years with fellow employees, with supervisees and supervisors. 

In a basic Google search you will find this definition: “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal”. “State of being” and “actively pursued goal” are phrases that speak greatly to me. It gives us such power that wellness is something we can experience and work towards. 

These are terms we often overlook when describing wellness. I think most of us immediately make the connection to health when we think of wellness. We can, however, be limited in our definition and therefore our actions as it concerns wellness when we don’t consider that this is a state of being and an actively pursued goal. 

In fact, when you read all the beautiful definitions of wellness available you find an elaborate focus on the various spheres of our lives as it is a focus on holistic health. These spheres are referred to as dimensions and there is so much information on these dimensions. In future posts we will take deep dives into these dimensions. 

Wellness is therefore a state of actively living a lifestyle that helps to attain holistic health. This is an adapted definition from the various definitions out there.

What is your definition of wellness? Is it a definition that enables you to pursue it? Or is it a definition that limits you? 

Many times, we limit ourselves with how we define terms, especially when we remove our role and responsibility. When it comes to our wellness, the onus rests with us and when we see that as a gift, our opportunities can be endless. 

With this definition in mind, our posts will continue to be geared towards enabling you to enact personal change. As you may also have noticed, we don’t believe in wonder pills and once-off miracles. We believe in small, consistent meaningful actions that lead to sustained transformation. 

Continue this journey with us as we look at daily healthy habits that can support you in attaining the health goals we set for our wellbeing. 

‘Till the next post … 

Stay committed to your growth


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