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11 Oct, 2021

There are some situations in which you won’t be covered by your car insurance. The exact exclusions in your coverage will vary based on your insurer, but you may be able to purchase additional coverage for situations that aren’t covered, like: 

  • Regular repairs – Maintenance issues and repairs for regular wear and tear are not covered by car insurance. You may be able to add mechanical breakdown coverage to help you pay for new brakes and engine parts, or fix a blown transmission or alternator
  • Damage that exceeds your coverage limits – Your car insurance company is only obligated to pay for damage up to your coverage limits at the time of an accepted claim, so if you cause N$60,000 in damage but your coverage is capped at N$50,000, you’ll be liable for the remaining N$10,000
  • Intentional damage – If you write off your car on purpose or vandalise your own car, your claim won’t be accepted and you risk being charged with insurance fraud
  • Unlicensed or excluded drivers – If you lend your car to an unlicensed driver or a driver who is specifically excluded from your policy and they get into an accident, the damage won’t be covered
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



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