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28 Feb, 2023

I rediscovered my love language recently.

People talk about love tanks and all kinds of ways they fill their cups. My love language is receiving gifts, and acts of service. Just as much as I love giving gifts, I just love receiving them too, It makes me feel loved and appreciated. I love being of service to those that I love. Be it cooking for my parents, or my husband rubbing my feet.

Below is the 5 love languages and examples of each. Once you can discover what yours is, it will make identifying your happy place, a space that you feel fulfilled in so much easier. It is also a tangible way your spouse or family and friends can show you love.

  1. Words – Encouragement, affirmations, appreciate, listen actively,
  2. Time – Uninterrupted and focused conversations, one on one time spent
  3. Gifts – Thoughtful gestures, make your spouse a priority, speak purposefully
  4. Acts – Doing something for them, Let them know you want to help.  Action speaks loader then words
  5. Touch – Non verbal body language, hugs, winks, just a touch to show love.



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