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20 Jul, 2022

Beatrice Schultz is a young aspiring intrapreneur who has a deep love to see people grow, and thrive and has an uncanny flair for entrepreneurship. She has an Honors degree in Media; specializing in Public Relations and Visual Arts with a budding career in Fashion. She is a certified teacher and is passionate about education and training and is a co-founder and owner of a consulting company (Akoma Trading cc). Akoma Talks, which is a platform to motivate, inspire, support and positively influence women and society at large is her personal brain-child.

She is the Swakopmund Ambassador for Future Females, a global community that motivates, educates and inspires entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs. “I pride myself on being a conscious coach – knowledgeable in coaching teams on how to build better leaders, solidify workplace cohesion and integrate diversity more effectively into their departments and processes.”

Because of her personal and professional circumstances, she is able to build bridges between diverse ethnicities, social strata and male/female gendered environments in various spaces such as organisations, communities, and schools. She is analytical, an implementer of envisioned initiatives and believes in focusing activities to overall objectives.

She is involved in social activities that seek to impact communities in progressive ways. These include women empowerment, early childhood education, and capacity building amongst the youth. She is a great organizer and ensures all events are creative and results in maximum impact.

Her personality, work approach, motivation and charisma is inspirational and reflects the meaning of her name: bringer of joy!


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