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26 Jul, 2021

This is one of the questions I get almost every winter…together with comments like “my moisturiser used to work just fine, but I now need to re-apply my moisturiser”. I am sure we have been in a similar conversation or scenario before, but before you throw out your entire range and replace it with Vaseline, have a read as tl why this happens. 

Lower humidity – in Namibia, air humidity drops during winter months as there is no condensation. Because our skins are porous, they lose water through evaporation, also known as trans-epidermal water loss. Low humidity accelerates trans-epidermal water loss. 

Heaters – we use them on full blast in the car and then we get to the office, the heater is on again. The heat and wind from our heaters also accelerate trans-epidermal water loss. 

Dehydration – Who can even think of drinking water in winter, right? And so, your skin’s hydration levels also decrease. Try to drink your water a bit warmer or opt for herbal/caffeine free teas to stay hydrated. 

Hot baths and showers – We can’t help but to love the steam in the winter months. Heat and steam is not necessarily bad for your skin, but too much of it is. If your skin loses hydration because baths and showers are too hot, try to add nourishing oils to your bath and to apply your moisturiser right after your shower or bath while your skin is still damp to trap in moisture. 

Also, try to add products to your skincare regime that are a bit more nourishing or hydrating with ingredients such a hyaluronic acid, ceramides, lactic acid, humectants and emollients. Perhaps change out your foam cleanser for a light creamy cleanser and leave the harsh scrubbing. 

Add a humidifier in your room or office to increase the humidity of the air. 

Cover up! Dress for winter, so you don’t have to use the heater all day long.

Try these and learn to love your skin again in winter. 


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