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5 Jun, 2023

This winter Swakopmund feels extra extra cold then other years. I want to sit with a heater all day long every day. We barely see the sun these days and if we do, it’s short lived. 

I looked around for some of this year’s winter trends that I like. This is what i found:

I love a great coat. They never go out of style and you can wear them over any outfit, wear them with boots, sneakers and heels. They are both warm and just bring a touch of elegance to any outfit. 

The knitted dress. I have had a variety of these over the years. It is both warm and functional. Except if you read the weather wrong, you will be stuck in a very hot outfit. However they are effortlessly sophisticated. Worn with leggings or stocks, heels or boots they just work. 

Matching tracksuits or Loungewear. I don’t personally wear matching tracksuits simply because the tops are never long enough and I have to have my bottoms covered at all times but the look in itself is great and functional. 


Share with us your favourite winter piece? Comment below. 


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